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No-code platform for AV

Design, develop and deploy control to any device. Parallax Control is for basic and advanced programmers.

Built for Integrators

Control Solutions for Commercial AV

See how easy it is to build with no-code

Parallax Control enables both experienced developers, and no-code developers to create customized user-interfaces. Easily tie your UI design into our back-end hardware by simply matching up Join-Id’s.

Control devices with the following protocols:

RS-232, RS485, GPIO, Relay, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, Websockets, SSH.

Quickly deploy control to any environment.

Simple, yet powerful.

Parallax Control provides control solutions for Corporate, Hospitality, Medical Simulation, Command Centers, AR, VR and any application requiring touch-based control and automation. The system is designed to enable control of audio/visual equipment with minimal coding requirements.

Build simple, or complex user-interfaces

Easily build any User-Interface with the Scene Wizard

The scene wizard takes building beautiful UI's to the next level. As AV programmers, we don't want to spend ages building out the touch-panel, but we also want it to look just right. The Scene Wizard solves that isssue by building out pages, and placing UI elements in the canvas for you. Elements such as buttons, sliders, images and more. Once you're done, press the Setup Scene button to build your project.

Visual Flow-Based Programming (FBP)


As easy as connecting the nodes

Visual FBP programming is used in various domains that require high levels of modularity and scalability. The Parallax Control Processor comes with Node-RED installed and treats various AV components (like switchers, displays, audio systems, etc.) as nodes. Each node (or black box) performs specific functions like volume control, input switching, or signal processing. The Parallax Control System comes with a set of custom nodes designed to seemlessly communicate with the user-interface project.

No-Code UI Development

Build user-interface for Android, iOS, macOS, PC using our plugin for Unity Software.


Easily reproduce any UI

Reproduce UI as per client specifications using drag and drop no code UI system. Easily tie in user input to back-end logic using pre-built prefabs.

Add your own custom UI code

Extend the existing UI toolset and build your own UI tools.

UI Conversion from Other Manufacturers

Easily reproduce any user-interface design in minutes, without writing any code. Deploy to Android, iOs, MacOs, PC in seconds.

Add control to your product with the Parallax Control Engine

Integrate your hardware or software product with the Parallax Control Engine for RS232, RS485, IP and GPIO control.

Hardware Options

Parallax Control System Hardware

CM4-NANO Product Card



For space saving applications

The CM4-NANO is designed to have the smallest footprint possible, while maintaining analog controls with the 40-pin GPIO header. The small form-factor enclosure allows the device to be hidden just about anywhere to enable full control over any hardware device.

Feature List
  • 40-Pin GPIO Header
  • Most Compact Footprint
  • Industrial Grade Enclosure
  • Passive Cooling
CM4-NANO Product Card



Dedicated I/O ports with PoE

The CM4-PRO is designed for interfacing with physical I/O in the environment. Wire up devices directly to the unit to enable full control.

Feature List
  • Isolated Relay Terminal
  • RS232 and RS485 Terminals
  • Digital Input Terminal
  • Analog Input Terminal
  • Industrial Grade Enclosure
  • Passive Cooling
  • Powered over Ethernet (PoE)



For global deployment

The CM4-CLOUD is designed to be deployed globally to control on-site hardware which will always be connected to the internet. Unlike other "cloud control" systems, the Parallax CM4-CLOUD requires no on-site processor. Includes one-time Assisted Setup Service.   

Programming Options

From No-Code to Full-Code, the choice is yours.

Full Code Back-End Logic


.NET C# Console Code

Code your back-end logic with the lastest version of .NET.

No Code Back-End Logic



Code your back-end logic with our custom Node-RED package.

No Code UI Builder


User Interface Wizard

Build your user-interface with our UI Builder. Use drag and drop software to customize, or extend with your own code for full customization. Deploy to Android, iOS, Mac, PC.

The No-Code AV Platform

Our hardware and software platform is available to verified systems integrators and independent av programmers.

Need A Control Solution For Your Product?

Step 1: Get on a discovery call with one of our technical advisors to explore your vision and draw out a scope of work.

Step 2: Plan out your control applications work-flow.

Step 3: Approve or make updates to the control app look, feel and layout.

Step 4: Our developers begin finalizing the front-end and start building out the back-end control logic.

Step 5: In the finalize phase we test with real hardware under live situations. 

What is the Parallax Control Processor?

The Parallax Control Processor is the control system hardware that allows for automation and control of third party A/V devices. It’s used to control any type of device through standard control protocols such as IP or Serial Communication. 

Control Solutions For Any Device

The Parallax control system offers extensive control capabilities for IP, RS232, RS485, GPIO, IR, relay, and analog devices. This allows users to control and monitor a wide range of devices from a single platform, making it a highly efficient and versatile solution.

Parallax Control Engine for Video Switcher

Parallax Control Engine for Visca PTZ Cameras

Parallax Control Engine for Audio DSP

Parallax Control Engine for Camera Streaming

Parallax Control Engine for Power Control

Parallax Control Engine for Videowalls

Parallax Control Engine for Custom Paging Systems

Parallax Control Engine for Custom Product Control

Ready To Get Started?

Excited to create your control system user interface? Click the button below to join our waitlist. Our demo is just about ready, and we’re eager to share it with you very soon!

Recent Development Updates...

Check back soon to see whats new.

  • Updates to the UI wizard include element based creation of pages and page layouts. No need to even drag objects to the scene in Unity. 1.24.23
  • Parallax Node-Red package added to npm/node-red pallet. Search for "parallaxcontrol" to install directly from node-red! 11.17.23
  • DynamicDataArrayHandler script added to the Unity Plugin to support dynamic population of data fields from .net or node red. Allows programmer to set specific state of any element, and know which element of the list was interacted with by the user. 8.18.23
  • UIScrollingListControl script added to Unity plugin to support duplication of custom prefabs. Instantiate new instances of the prefab in a vertical or horizontal layout from programming or from the script. 8.18.23
  • MQTT communication integrated to support communication between touch-panel devices and control processor. Currently supports username/password authentication 8.18.23
  • New custom Node-Red nodes now being added. Allows for visual flow-based logic programming in node red with minimal javascript required. 4.11.23
  • Previously required Program.cs starter template for Unity removed
  • Updated ParallaxControlLibrary to support .NET6
  • New control system programming and user-interface programming documentation section added.
  • Node Red Dashboard added, secured with username/password authentication.

Want to discuss your control system needs in person? Book an appointment at our NYC location and get hands on with the Parallax Control Hardware.  

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