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Parallax Control System

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For the control and automation of AV devices

powered by raspberry pi4

The Parallax Control System utilizes readily available hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.

raspberry pi av controller

Control Processors

A variety of control processor enclosures to choose from.

Android Touchpanels

View our 8″ and 10″ touch-panel models.

Develop User-Interfaces with Unity Software

Our Unity Software plugin connects digital, analog and serial feedback from the touch-panel to the control processor. The Unity Software plugin feature AES256 encryption to communicate with the control processor. Unity Software build capabilities include iOs, Android, PC, Desktop and Mobile. Unity Software is NOT included.


Real-time feedback with debugging

Get real-time feedback on button presses.

100% Custom UI

Develop custom features to meet your teams, or consultants specification.

We convert existing UI from other manufacturers

Convert your in-house standard to work with readily available and cost effective Raspberry Pi hardware.

Convert your product to Parallax Control Engine

Our in-house software development team can even  convert your existing control product to run on Raspberry Pi hardware.

Explore devices to control

Control and Monitor any IP, RS232, RS485, GPIO, IR, Relay or Analog device. Create your own control libraries using c#.

Parallax Control Engine for Video Switching

Control HDMI and USB matrix switching components through the web

Parallax Control Engine for Visca PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt, zoom, call presets through the web

Parallax Control Engine for Audio DSP

Send triggers, recall presets

Parallax Control Engine for Camera Streaming

Control and direct camera streams as video sources for your integrated av system.

Parallax Control Engine for Power Control

Control power sequences through on-board ethernet ports for projectors and displays

Parallax Control Engine for Videowalls

Control power, sleep, video sources, tv channels, video based zone control

Parallax Control Engine for Paging

Page to specific zones, talkback, record, stream live and archive

Parallax Control Engine for Remote AV Management

Manage and monitor your nationwide higher-ed or corporate locations from a single app

Parallax Virtual Cloud Control

Parallax Control Engine, optimized to run on the cloud at AWS or Azure.

Deploy control to client sites within minutes, no hardware processor required. Deploy control globally within minutes.

AV Control - In The Cloud

Deploy Control to any location in minutes

Connect your cloud server to the on-site av network for full control and automation. Manage audio, video, lights, power, hvac, cameras, shades, privacy glass, displays, projectors, projection screens, video sources and more.

Virtually Unlimited RS232 Control

Control legacy devices with IP to RS232 endpoints

Control any number of legacy RS232 endpoints with Ethernet to Serial adapters.

No Control Hardware

Software-defined, lives on any linux server

Link AV network directly to our cloud processor using secure vpn connection on existing infrastructure. Allows for remote workers to interact with on-prem devices from home. If it has a network port, you can control it.

PC, Mac, Android, iOs App

Build to Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android

Custom built UI for tailored user-experience. Dashboards made for PC, Mac, Android, iOs. Control TCP/IP device endpoints through existing network infrastructure. Work with our in-house SWE to automate processes, or certify your own staff.

Reduce truck rolls with cloud services

Need to update a user-interface? Or add a new device? No need to visit your client site. No on-site PC or remote software required.
Read how cloud-based control streamlines efficiency and sustainability (coming soon)

How To Buy

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