About Parallax AV Design

Company Summary:

Established in 2019, Parallax AV Design Inc. stands as a leading audiovisual/unified communications design and integration firm in New York. Our comprehensive services encompass system design, installation, and programming tailored for corporate, educational, public, hospitality, and experiential environments.


With a track record of successful nationwide projects, Parallax AV Design Inc. brings 25 years of expertise in commercial AV solutions. Under the leadership of CEO Bruce Levy, our team has delivered exceptional results across diverse sectors, including corporate settings, higher education institutions, medical facilities, experiential marketing venues, and live events.


Notable Projects:

Among our notable achievements are our contributions to the IBM Security Command Center, Arizona State University Medical Center, Verizon Corporate Headquarters, California Health Science University, and various Fortune 500 corporate offices in Manhattan. These projects serve as prime examples of Parallax's dedication to excellence and innovation in audiovisual room design and installation.

Recent New-Construction AV Projects:

University in Fresno, California: 90,000 sqft new building av design and programming.

Advertising firm on 5th Ave, NY  – 10,000 sqft new office space design/build.

International Bank on 5th Ave, NY – 10,000 sqft newoffice space design/build.

National financial services firm in Melville, NY  – 12500 sqft office space design/bulld.

Community center in Bronx NY – 7500 sqft community center design/build.


Business Model:

Parallax is a custom design AV integration house with an installation branch, partnering with and leveraging an extensive network of industry leaders and a team of seasoned and specialized professionals working under the guidance of Parallax to execute projects with the utmost precision and efficiency.

All projects are led under the direct involvement of the owner Bruce Levy, by doing this Parallax maintains a sustainable and agile business model that prioritizes value delivery and client-centricity.


Industry certifications and technological trends:

Parallax attends major industry events to learn about new products, and our staff maintains the highest level of industry recognized certifications. Bruce's expertise in A/V is underscored by his extensive industry focused training certifications, including 25 Crestron Certifications such as Master Technology Architect and Master Sales Associate, along with certifications in Biamp Factory Authorized Programmer, Dante Level 3, Avixa Certified AV Technologist, and multiple AWS certificates. In addition, all designers and programmers on staff are industry certified in the technologies we specify.


Our Approach:

·     Design systems to streamline processes, minimizing steps needed to achieve desired outcomes.

·     Develop systems that not only fulfill user requirements but also accommodate future expansion where necessary.

·     Provide reliable, user-friendly solutions that are cost-effective, leveraging products rigorously tested both in-house and in the field.

·     Plan meticulously by coordinating with trades during installation and delivering architectural quality CAD drawings to clients upon project completion.

·     To provide on-going support through both remote and on-site services.

·     To provide solutions that are not only well connected to the customers problems, but to tailor the selection of solutions based on the unique spaces where they are to be installed.


Bruce Levy
President and CEO