Voice Enabled Ai Agents for your business

Boost Your Lead Conversion Rates

Integrates with your CRM & conference room

1. Lead Form

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Lead Follow Up

Our AI sales agents are trained to follow up on lead forms by:

• Introducing your company
• Asking critical questions
• Addressing objections
• Discovering the client’s current pain points
• Identifying what they liked about your product

Our AI SDR (Sales Development Representative) follows up with leads by initiating a phone call to begin the sales discovery and diagnosis process. After a brief conversation with the prospect, our AI agent will book a video call with a human BDR (Business Development Representative) on Teams, Zoom, or Google Meets. A calendar invite will appear in your Outlook or directly in your video conferencing system.

AI Voice Lead Qualification

Our Inbound AI streamlines your sales process by extracting and tagging vital sales information during initial interactions with leads. It identifies what caught the lead’s interest and their pain points with their current provider. This information is tagged and included in the meeting preparation notes, allowing your sales team to tailor follow-up video call conversations to address specific needs and concerns effectively.

2. Qualify Lead

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3. Book Meeting

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Automated Calendar Integration

A calendar invite will be sent directly to your calendar or video conferencing system, ensuring a smooth and organized transition from the initial web form contact to the video call.

One-touch-join meetings

We link web form submissions to your conference room calendar. When our AI agent qualifies and sets a video call, your team will automatically see the join link on the rooms touch panel.

4. Only join qualified sales meetings

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How it works

Step #1

Connect Lead Source

Step #2

Connect CRM

Step #3

Connect Calendar

AI Voice Agent Setup Processes

Step #1 - Connect To Your Lead Source
Connect lead source from your Lead Form, Google Sheet, Zapier or AirTable.
Step #2 - Connect To Your CRM
Connect your CRM so new leads can be updated in your system.
Step #3 - Connect To Your Calendar
Connect your Meeting Calendar and join only meetings where prospects have been pre-qualified by our AI.

Sample Recordings

Respond to leads from website
Responding to lead form inquiry

In this recording, the AI calls on a web form demo inquiry from a website for an embedded hardware manufacturer that sells hardware and software. The AI determines the use case of the system and books a demo with the user.

Can our AI Sales Person work in your business?

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Trained to convert lead form submissions into booked video call meetings.
sales trained

Our AI sales agents are trained to prepare the prospect to dive deeper into your product/service. By the time they book a video call, most objections have already been handled.

Trained for Tonality.

Its not just what you say, but how you say it. Our AI sales agents are trained to let your prospects guard down, to open them up through conversation, and not to trigger sales resistance.

Did you know? Harvard business review states that calling a lead within the first 5 minutes has a 21 times higher conversion rate than calling them after 30 minutes. Every 5 minutes decreases chances of getting them to be a customer by a factor of 2.