Conference Room Design  

What do we do?:
We design unique meeting room collaboration solutions, which are outfitted with technology tailored to fit the needs of your team, within the constraints of your physical space.
What's included:
Weekly progress meeting via Teams
Equipment list generation with pricing and value-engineering
Architectural AV Drawings package for trades
Coordination with other trades
How much does it cost?:
Our collaboration room designs are determined by the size of your your space.
Where do we operate?:
We are located in New York City, but our collaboration room services are offered nationwide. We regularly visit client sites both in person and virtually. Parallax has successfully completed projects spread out throughout the country.

Collaboration Room Design packages for
One-Touch Join Video Conferencing

What is a One-Touch Join meeting?
A One-Touch Join meeting typically refers to a seamless and straightforward method for participants to join a virtual meeting or conference call with minimal effort. Instead of requiring participants to navigate through multiple steps or enter complex codes or passwords, One-Touch Join allows them to join the meeting with just a single action, such as clicking a link or tapping a button on their device.This approach aims to streamline the meeting joining process, making it more convenient for participants and reducing the risk of technical issues or delays. It's often used in modern video conferencing platforms and collaboration tools to enhance user experience and increase meeting efficiency. Unlike most companies that use regular computers for conferencing, at Parallax we integrate One-Touch Join touch panels into spaces with integrated audio and video systems.

Lighting Control

Transform your space with our state-of-the-art lighting control automation systems. Our solutions provide intuitive control over your lighting environment, enabling you to create the perfect ambiance with ease. With user-friendly touch-panel interfaces, you can adjust lighting levels, colors, and settings effortlessly to suit any occasion.Our automated lighting control systems offer seamless integration with existing infrastructure, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Whether you need precise control for a conference room, adaptable lighting for a multipurpose space, or dynamic lighting scenes for events, our systems deliver unmatched flexibility and efficiency.By automating lighting control, you not only enhance the user experience but also improve energy efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our systems include features like scheduled lighting adjustments, occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting to optimize energy use while maintaining optimal lighting conditions.From design to installation and support, we tailor our lighting control solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise ensures that every lighting scenario is executed flawlessly, allowing you to focus on your activities without worrying about manual adjustments.Elevate your lighting environment with our cutting-edge control systems, and experience the perfect blend of technology, efficiency, and elegance. Trust us to deliver innovative lighting control solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space.


Climate Control

Incorporating wireless handheld microphones into your One-Touch Join conference system offers versatility and enhanced audio capabilities for both in-room participants and remote attendees. By seamlessly integrating these microphones, organizers can amplify voices within the meeting space for effective voice reinforcement, ensuring clarity and engagement for everyone present. Additionally, the microphone audio is seamlessly routed into the conference call, facilitating hybrid meetings where both physical and virtual participants can actively contribute to discussions. This integration not only promotes inclusivity but also enhances the overall meeting experience by providing clear and consistent audio regardless of the participants' location. With wireless handheld microphones seamlessly integrated into the One-Touch Join system, organizers can effortlessly manage audio reinforcement and hybrid meeting dynamics, fostering productive and impactful collaboration.


Assistive Listening

In the context of One-Touch Join meetings, integrated assistive listening systems are essential for meeting the diverse auditory needs of participants, particularly in settings like houses of worship or private gathering spaces. By incorporating these systems, organizers can ensure inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments, thus fostering a more welcoming and inclusive environment. With the capability to accommodate up to 100 people, the system simplifies compliance with ADA regulations by offering straightforward integration of two neck loops, meeting the specific requirements for assistive listening in larger spaces. This seamless integration not only enhances accessibility but also reduces the logistical challenges associated with setting up and managing assistive listening devices. Ultimately, by addressing basic assistive listening needs through integrated solutions, One-Touch Join meetings prioritize inclusivity and enable all participants to fully engage in the conversation or event, regardless of their hearing abilities.


Integrated speakers

In the realm of One-Touch Join meetings, integrated speakers are indispensable tools for ensuring clear and immersive audio playback. Strategically embedded within the meeting room's infrastructure, these speakers deliver high-quality sound output that fills the space, allowing participants to hear each other, as well as multimedia content, with exceptional clarity. Whether it's a presentation, a video clip, or simply conversing with remote participants, integrated speakers provide a seamless audio experience that enhances communication and collaboration. By seamlessly integrating with the One-Touch Join system, these speakers eliminate the need for external devices or complex setup procedures, enabling participants to focus on the meeting's objectives without disruptions. Overall, integrated speakers play a vital role in optimizing the auditory aspect of One-Touch Join meetings, fostering an environment conducive to productive and engaging discussions.


Integrated Microphones

In the context of a One-Touch Join meeting, integrated ceiling microphones are essential components that ensure optimal audio quality and participant engagement. These microphones, strategically positioned within the meeting room's ceiling, capture audio from all participants, regardless of their location. By picking up sound evenly from all directions, they eliminate the need for individuals to speak directly into a microphone or adjust their position, promoting seamless communication. Integrated ceiling microphones streamline the meeting experience, allowing participants to join with ease and confidence, knowing that their voices will be heard clearly without the hassle of manual adjustments, thus enhancing overall meeting efficiency and effectiveness.


Dual Display

Implementing a dual display system in your Teams Room or Zoom Rooms setup provides a versatile and immersive meeting experience for both in-person and remote participants. With two displays, users can simultaneously view video feeds, shared content, presentations, and meeting agendas, fostering enhanced collaboration and engagement. This configuration promotes seamless multitasking, enabling participants to follow discussions while referencing relevant materials without toggling between screens. Whether it's brainstorming sessions, presentations, or virtual training sessions, the dual display setup optimizes visual communication, ensuring that every participant remains informed and involved. Additionally, with seamless integration into Teams Room or Zoom Rooms environments, setting up and managing dual displays becomes effortless, allowing teams to focus on productive collaboration rather than technical complexities.


Auto-tracking cameras

Auto-tracking cameras integrated into One-Touch Join Teams or Zoom meetings elevate the remote collaboration experience by ensuring seamless and dynamic video presentations. These sophisticated cameras automatically adjust their focus and framing to keep the active speaker or presenter centered within the frame, regardless of their movements within the meeting space. This feature optimizes the visual engagement for remote participants, providing a more immersive and inclusive meeting experience. By eliminating the need for manual camera control, auto-tracking cameras streamline the meeting process, allowing presenters to focus on their content without distraction. Whether it's a Teams Room or a Zoom Rooms setup, integrating auto-tracking cameras enhances the professionalism and effectiveness of virtual meetings, fostering clearer communication and greater participant involvement.


UC Video Wall

In the realm of One-Touch Join systems, integrating a UC video wall tailored for platforms like Microsoft Teams enhances collaborative experiences with seamless connectivity and immersive visual engagement. This comprehensive solution encompasses LED display cabinets, a video wall controller, and essential accessories, facilitating effortless setup and operation. With an ultra-wide design and front-row layout, participants enjoy comfortable viewing from close proximity, fostering deeper interaction during meetings. The HDR-ready display ensures stunning image quality, enriching the visual impact of presentations and multimedia content shared via Teams. Powered by an efficient video controller, the wall operates at native resolution, capturing multiple 4K inputs with ease and offering intuitive web-based management software for simplified control and monitoring. Its reliable performance and ADA compliance ensure accessibility and peace of mind for all users, making it an ideal centerpiece for productive discussions and impactful collaboration within the One-Touch Join ecosystem.


Control Systems

In the context of One-Touch Join systems, control systems for room management streamline meeting experiences by providing centralized control over various room components such as displays, audiovisual equipment, lighting, and environmental settings. Integrated with One-Touch Join functionality, these systems enable participants to initiate and join meetings with a single touch, automating tasks like adjusting audio levels, activating displays, and connecting to conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Offering flexibility and customization options, they empower users to navigate intuitive interfaces for configuring room layouts, scheduling meetings, and managing multimedia content, ensuring a seamless and efficient meeting experience that maximizes productivity and collaboration.



Whiteboarding, in the context of One-Touch Join systems, refers to the digital collaboration tool that enables participants to brainstorm, visualize ideas, and annotate content in real-time during virtual meetings. Integrated seamlessly with platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, whiteboarding features allow users to draw, write, and add shapes or text onto a shared virtual canvas, replicating the experience of traditional whiteboards in physical meeting rooms. This interactive tool fosters creativity, engagement, and effective communication among participants, regardless of their physical location. With One-Touch Join functionality, participants can easily access the whiteboard feature with a single touch, enhancing the collaborative potential of virtual meetings and facilitating dynamic ideation and problem-solving processes.



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Discussion Document

Our team will start building a discussion document which outlines the needs of your team, the expected functionality and capabilities of the space.  This is similar to a scope of work, but an on-going document that will be updated along the progress of the discovery phase.


Design Document

After all members of the team have confirmed the scope of work outlined in the discussion document, our team will then begin building out the unique technology solution capable of achieving the desired result for your space.



A comprehensive proposal is then prepared based on the customized feedback from your team.

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